Jedi Patrol

Aug 27

For those of you who haven’t been formerly introduced… this is Jedi. She enjoys nice long scratches on her belly, yummy crunchy treats, races down the block (there AND back), licking my nose, wedging herself in snuggly nooks, balancing herself on her hind legs like a circus act, and car rides to nowhere in particular. (She especially loves to make a jail-break out of the house and just ADORES jumping into my car when I don’t intend on taking her for a joyride).  I can’t help but laugh at her cute, little, furry face stare back at me as she sits in my passenger seat as if to say, “Okay mama, where we headed?”

I was rummaging while doing some laundry and I came across this tiny little t-shirt…and I mean, I know that I’m a tiny woman…but even I know that I couldn’t fit into that thing. I remember buying that little t-shirt with the proud stamp of my college days. I bought it my freshman year in college as a souvenir and really only put it on her once. So, I decided to let her strut her stuff in it one more time (I promptly took it off after I snapped these photos).

It suits her well. She’s definitely my little Jedi Patrol…out to save me from the world.

OKAY…maybe just save me from the mail man.

Hey. don’t underestimate her. She’s got a mean BARK.

What does she patrol for you might ask…

The scent of other dogs? Golden treasures? Maybe just plain ole dog poopy…The world may never know.

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