Mar 11

I’ve gotta face it…it’s great to get away and have some fun when you travel. But, at the end of it all, it’s even nicer to go back home.  Back to my comfy, cozy couch, my overwhelming desk and those other wonderful things that make home…home.  Time to take everything that I’ve learned and apply it in every way possible. I’m excited. Yet, exhausted at the same time. It’s been a long week, and I find myself falling asleep standing up…or sitting down in this case even while I write this. Yes. That’s just how tired I am. My mind is fatigued from all the images I’ve seen and my heart has been pumping at an alarming rate as I absorbed every bit of information I could from everywhere possible. I met some pretty amazing people that I hope to stay in touch with, and finally got to meet the real versions of the avatars I’ve chatted with on forums/emails. It’s nice to finally put a name to a face. If I’ve come away with just a few solid friendships, I’m completely satisfied… No…scratch that. I’m completely enthralled. I love forming new bonds with people!

Thank You to everyone I’ve met and have learned from at WPPI. I wish you guys all the best, and hope to see you soon!

And now, back to my home………..where a big chunk of my heart remains. I look foward to Jedi’s snuggly wet disgusting nose digging into my legs (I’m not so anxious to cleaning of after her poo though). I’m ready to get back to the warmth of my tea ritual every morning…sipping it cautiously at my desk while responding to emails (I’ve never quite gotten over being terrified of the first sip. I mean, geez…it could burn my taste buds away if I’m not careful).

This was my last cup of tea in Vegas…

Here’s to another great year in photography!


  1. Omar says:

    YOU’RE HOME!!! :)

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