an la county engagement af-fair

Oct 2


I thought I would start this post by going back in history…BUT…then… I thought “hmm.. I think I’ll save it for when the wedding photos come around :)

I had a blast spending some time with Gabriel and Ashley for this special LA County Fair Engagement Session. Ashley, I hope you know that it warmed my heart to hear your laughter again… just as I remembered it, like it was so long ago! This is just a warm up to what is to come… a beautiful wedding day!!!

Let me start off by saying that although I do like rides…um… the high up ones… maybe over the years have become a little… well… SCARY. But, I knew the shots would be cool, so I sucked it up and stuck through it. Me and Ashley were in the same boat though… freaking out if any little movement was made up on the ferris wheel…and that lift. I can’t get that pronunciation of “Gondola” out of my head. Still haven’t figured out what the right one is. Please, someone shed some light on that for me. Omar was a lovely assistant as usual… and definitely helped me to calm down when I wanted to freak out on the lift. Sorry, but the only thing that was holding me high above hundreds of people…and a fall that could probably kill me AND demolish my camera equipment (okay…I may be exaggerating…maybe) was a bar that never quite holds me snug and safely enough.  Screaming, “Oh my goodness…oh my goodness”… was all I could do when I wanted to panic. All the while, trying to snap shots. I’m glad I got through it.

So, here is the evidence that we all got through it just fine :) I’m excited for the wedding!


this photo probably makes me laugh the most…just because we all had a good laugh. “Why are those people laughing so much?” …. *steps in front of mirror* .. “ahahahahahaha! Oh.. that’s why they were laughing!”

  1. This might be my favorite. I love these photos, so much fun! :)

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