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Oct 31

this precious little bundle has a very special place in my heart. It is rare to witness such a beautiful miracle such as child birth, and I feel privileged to say that I was there to witness Avery’s first breath, cries, gurgles, and sleepy eyes. I was there to photograph the moment. That moment of love that disperses into the air like a warm pleasant perfume, and quiet silence of anticipation and adoration for the beautiful life that has been born into the world.  I’m sure the labor portion is a whole different story haha. But in my eyes it was a beautiful thing. The sacrifice and unselfishness of pain to gain something that overcomes you with a joy that takes all the other stuff away. That moment was amazing to witness. Here is a lovely newborn session only days after lil Avery entered into the loving arms of her amazing parents and young brother. She is beautiful in every way… right down to her lil nose, bubbling lips, and gentle toes! Oh and did I mention the very first photo was the very first one I took of her…. and she smiled that lil unknowing baby sleep smile!

  1. Erich Chen says:

    awwwww. :) incredibly adorable. Precious!

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