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From a young age, I had always dreamt of being an artist. So, I followed my heart and pursued a bachelors degree in art from UCSB. Those were some of my favorite years... drawing and painting in the studio that overlooked the beautiful ocean coast of Santa Barbara! While there, I studied everything from painting, watercolor, drawing, graphic design, to of course photography. My career began as a photojournalist, then became fashion focused and quickly evolved into what it is today. Over the years, being swept up into a full time professional photographer life, I felt I got too far away from the rest of my creative abilities. So, in this newest chapter of my life, not only will I be birthing a second baby girl, but also showcasing more of the other sides of my creativity. My aim is to continually remind myself to make time to create, design, or even handcraft whatever my mind can imagine, and then not be afraid to share it with the world.  




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