Erin is a destination wedding & lifestyle film photographer who specializes in ethereal imagery that evokes emotion, artistry, and the celebration of real moments. She likes to keep things organic and candid, but still compose an image ever so carefully. From a young age, Erin had always wanted to be an artist, so she went to college and got a bachelors in art from UCSB. Those were some of her favorite years... drawing and painting in the studio that overlooked the beautiful ocean coast of Santa Barbara! While there, Erin studied everything from painting, watercolor, drawing, graphic design, to of course photography. Her career began as a photojournalist, then became fashion focused and quickly evolved into what it is today. Dig a little deeper, and this is what's closest to Erin's heart: She adores her husband and has for the past decade before she married him (a true high school sweetheart romance). Together they live for adventure & hope to stay young at heart forever. Erin is happiest when snuggling up with the hubby while having silly conversations or reading a good book! But she also enjoys engaging with and being surrounded by people who aren't afraid to laugh with honesty and genuinely share their hearts. Animals & dessert are a couple of her weaknesses, but traveling the world is what truly inspires her soul.

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