maui, hawaii destination wedding // grant & sabrina

Jan 22

My very last wedding of 2012 was such a special one! Couldn’t have thought of a better way to top off an amazing year in weddings than to travel to Maui, Hawaii to do the job I love so much.What was even better was to have gained two friends who have such amazing genuine caring hearts and down to earth spirits. Grant & Sabrina I think you guys are sooooo great! :) And you crack me up ALL the time.

One of the best compliments  to me is to have another photographer ask you to be THEIR photographer…. and I was so very honored to have been a part of this special day. Mr Grant Yoshino is an amazing fashion photographer himself and Sabrina might as well be his very special model… because she is absolutely stunning :) I really admire his work and his ambition as a photographer.  So it was such a pleasure that they asked me to be their wedding photographer.  Their love is the cutest thing and they both make me laugh so so much. Their sense of humor and such sweet hearts were just the icing on the cake. I can remember seeing that beaming smile on Grant’s face as his lovely bride walked down the aisle to him… and the tears that welled up in Sabrina’s eyes in that same excitement. What was even more precious was that he brought along his own point and shoot film camera, which he carried around with him the whole day. I giggled each time he brought it out to sneak a couple shots in because it was just so sincere and adorable to me. It truly showed just how in love he is with Sabrina! Once a photographer… always a photographer at heart…even on your wedding day!  I laughed even more… because he carried his film in the same gallon sized ziplock bag that I was carrying all of my film in everywhere I went. Great minds think alike! Keepin’ it simple with the baggie :) I had such a fun trip and everyone was so fun to meet!

You can see all of the film photographs from the day here. … and don’t even get me started on how much my camera loved to take photos of Sabrina! Their ceremony took place at Gannon’s Restaurant in Wailea on the lovely island of Maui, Hawaii. They continued their reception celebration at Sarento’s on the Beach.   It was such a fun night, even the moon couldn’t help but show off a smile ;)  Please enjoy all the highlights that I couldn’t help but share. I had a bit of a hard time making up my mind for my favorites as usual… enjoy!

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