A new chapter starts in 6 months// and so it begins

Nov 4


The 6 month mark. To us this is a new chapter…and its been an interesting story from the beginning. Two kids growing side by side <3.

I photograph weddings for a living…it’s my full-time occupation. I pretty much eat, sleep, dream weddings.. but from a completely different perspective. Being on the other side of everything now as the bride… it has been very interesting. I can honestly say I feel empathetic and can completely understand how brides feel being caught up in having to plan their wedding. However, I also don’t feel like the every day bride. I actually feel incredibly laid back and not quite up to beat with what should have been planned by now. I’m not concerned so much that every single thing goes perfectly… but that every single thing has true meaning and  love behind it. It doesn’t hurt to do it with style though!

I like to research and truly do my homework whenever big decisions need to be made… especially when money is involved. So, Omar may have been a little overwhelmed at times when I kept showing him venue after venue. I did tons of research and looked at price lists from all over (the world!). I’ve read it all, restrictions, do we have to bring in our own rentals? Do we have to bring in extra bathrooms? How close are the bathrooms? Do we have to use the venue’s caterer? Guest number limitations? And on goes the list of elements we had to consider when trying to narrow down our favorites and also determine and rule out the choices we just didn’t have to means to accomplish. After many hours trying to find the best fit for us, we finally agreed and chose our venue a couple months ago. It was a very happy day for us. We can’t wait. Every Monday until the big day… I’ll be posting a little status of how our wedding journey is going. So join us… it’s going to be a love-filled joyful ride!


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