pasadena city hall engagement // ryan & linda

Jun 27

Pasadena City Hall is one of my favorite spots to shoot at… it’s regal and romantic and when the sun sets, the lighting is so golden. We had to work some strategic angles since there was a big event going on (come on pasadena…didn’t you know we had something planned?). But I’m still SO happy with how they turned out. These two are so cool… and it was so easy to photograph them and their smiles! I can’t wait for their wedding this year! So excited for everything they have planned. See some of my favorite highlights below :)

PasadenaCityHallEngagementSession-01 PasadenaCityHallEngagementSession-02 PasadenaCityHallEngagementSession-03 PasadenaCityHallEngagementSession-04 PasadenaCityHallEngagementSession-06 PasadenaCityHallEngagementSession-07 PasadenaCityHallEngagementSession-08 PasadenaCityHallEngagementSession-09 PasadenaCityHallEngagementSession-10 PasadenaCityHallEngagementSession-11 PasadenaCityHallEngagementSession-13 PasadenaCityHallEngagementSession-14 PasadenaCityHallEngagementSession-15 PasadenaCityHallEngagementSession-16 PasadenaCityHallEngagementSession-17 PasadenaCityHallEngagementSession-20 PasadenaCityHallEngagementSession-19 PasadenaCityHallEngagementSession-21 PasadenaCityHallEngagementSession-22 PasadenaCityHallEngagementSession-23 PasadenaCityHallEngagementSession-24


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