top fave nursing essentials

Jan 4

I’ve been working on this for a little while as we prep for baby #2! When it’s not your first rodeo, you’ve already evaluated what items you thought were essential and what items were really unnecessary. But, that’s all relative depending on who you speak to. I generally suggest finding parents who have the same or similar parenting style and personality as you, and that your babies have similar personalities / temperaments when looking for suggestions and tips. Advice is not always welcomed by everyone, but if you want it, this little tip makes it easier when searching for the answer. This is the first lil post on items I love for baby. I decided to start by sharing my top fave nursing essentials (and toddler feeding basics) that I found to be super helpful.

baby nursing essentials

  1. Medela Pump in Style Advanced with On the Go Tote, Double Electric Breast Pump >> This was my go to for pumping, but after a few years I’ve also heard great things about the Spectra and even some more portable ones like Elvie / Willow
  2. My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow Waterproof Slipcover >> I prefer this over other nursing pillows simply because it has a clasp to secure it to your body AND a pocket for storage. This is the waterproof cover for it. The pillow itself is a porous and absorbent foam. If you have any spills it will just absorb into the pillow without this cover (and get nasty). I put this cover on first (modified by taking off the pocket with a seam ripper), and then I put the plush cover on for comfort (for baby).
  3. My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow + Deluxe Slipcover >> the soft cover so you and baby are comfy and cozy
  4. Haakaa Manual Breast Pump Milk Saver >>> This is kinda a cool magical little thing. While breastfeeding you can cup it with suction over the other breast, and it will catch your let down as you nurse!! I could sometimes get at least 2-3 ounces! This is the newer version than I have and has a better cap now.
  5. 9 Volt Car Vehicle Lighter Adapter for Medela Pump-in-Style Advanced When I need to pump, I found doing it on my long drives to work and shoots was most convenient. Gotta have this car adapter for that
  6. Breast Pump Bag, Pumping Backpack, Tote Handles >> I didn’t love the bag that the Medela came with. I wish I would’ve got the backpack version but with a nicer style like this one. When I had to travel, the backpack was more convenient (especially through Europe when I had to shoot a wedding).
  7. Motherlove Nipple Cream (1 oz.) Organic Lanolin-Free Herbal Salve >> For those first couple months of torture and pain on your boobs. It helps soothe. I used Lanisoh too, but have heard wonders about this one too. They all work the same in my opinion.
  8. Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter >> This is another awesome soothing option
  9. Medela Easy Expression Hands Free Pumping Bra >> If you plan on pumpin, one of these help you be hands free! There’s lots of em sold, so just choose one you like.
  10. Medela Tender Care Hydrogel Pads, 2 Pack >> THESE were the most soothing amazing things ever to me. It was instant cool action to soothe sore cracked nipples. They’re pricey, but I was gifted some from a lactation consultant and couldn’t live without them in those first few weeks!
  11. Milkies Freeze: Organize & Store Your Breast Milk >> A nice way to organize your storage of milk in the freezer so you can see the dates and have it easily accessible. But I also liked this one
  12. Kiinde Twist Breast Milk Storage Bag Baby Feeding System >> We actually hardly ever used actual bottles! We didn’t have to wash or sanitize hardly ever and its because of this handy little system. I would pump into medela containers (to get an accurate oz measurement, then pour it in a kiinde bag, freeze it and all you have to do is put the bag in the “bottle adapter” to feed baby. Once finished, throw out / recycle!
  13. Tommee Tippee Portable Travel Baby Bottle Warmer >> For those moments when you’re on the go and need to warm up the breast milk!
  14. Medela Breastfeeding Gift Set, Breast Milk Storage System >> These are a good staple to have if you do want to use actual bottles. Commonly known to be good for breastfed babies. But certainly not the only option. I received lots of hand me downs of this so it came in handy when I needed it.
  15. Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle >>When we did use bottles, we tried to use this one (besides Medela). But there are so many newer options that are breastfeeding friendly on the market that I really want to try!
  16. Philips AVENT 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer >> We used this to sterilize anything that would come into contact with baby’s mouth… toys, pacifiers, the occasional bottle etc.
  17. MAM Night Pacifiers Glow in the Dark >> We didn’t use pacifers for long since it messed with my daughter’s latch, but when we did, she loved this brand. Every baby has their preference.
  18. HEROCLIP Carabiner Clip and Hook (Mini) >> Sometimes you will find yourself in a bathroom with no hooks…. this will be super annoying. I like to have a travel one with us just in case…because ew bathroom floors…
  19. ChongErfei Postpartum Support Recovery Belly Wrap Waist/Pelvis Belt Body Shaper Postnatal Shapewear >> I used this to help slim down and recover after delivery, Not necessarily breast feeding related except that in combination with nursing, this could help your torso get back to normal sooner (especially helps in the case of c-sections!).
  20. PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag with Zip Closure >> A great little travel freezer pack! Great for on the go storing of breast milk and later on for toddler food & snacks! Zips up to be compact when you need to put it in the freezer too!
  21. HONORABLE MENTION (Not pictured) OXO Tot Breast Pump Parts Compact Drying Rack with Detail Brushes >> For when you need to clean your pumping parts on the go. My least favorite thing to do. There are also sanitary wipes people like to use, but I’ve never tried them.

toddler feeding basics

  1. NUK Everlast 360 Sippy Cup >> LOVE this sappy cup over the Munchkin miracle one because if this one hits the ground, the drinking part won’t touch the ground right away.
  2. unchkin Click Lock Any Angle Weighted 2 Piece Straw Cup >> another fave sippy / straw cup! The straw tucks away when you want to keep it clean
  3. Baby Food Freezer Tray with a Watertight Lid >> If you plan on pureeing your own baby food, I love this freezer storage item! You can use it for ice cubes too if you want
  4. OXO Tot Baby Blocks Food Storage Containers, Aqua, 2 oz >> Pop one of the frozen food cubes from the above item into one of these containers, and you have baby food on the go!
  5. Silicone Baby Bibs for Girls and Boys – Waterproof Bib Set for Babies and Toddlers >> Any silicone bib works for us. We can easily wipe it down and roll it up / tuck it away into the diaper bag after every feeding! These just have cute colors
  6. 4 Pack Baby Spoons Kirecoo Silicone Self Feeding Training Spoon with Travel Case] >> You will need some on the go feeding spoons, and these come in cute colors AND a case!
  7. Kids Placemat – Eating On the Cloud, Silicone Placemat Waterproof Baby Placemat>> We love silicone because its easy to wipe down. We don’t have to buy disposable placemats because this one is reusable and rolls up / tucks away into the diaper bag so easy. No need for a plate if you don’t want!
  8. Puracy Natural Dish Soap, Organic Lemongrass, Sulfate-Free Liquid Detergent >> If you don’t want to wash items that will be touching baby’s mouth with harmful chemicals / soaps, this brand has lots of great options
  9. Dare-U-Go! Revolutionary One-Piece Bib and Baby Plate with Compartments Grey >> If anyone has seen my method of feeding my toddler without having to do it myself… they know this kind of bib is essential. (Other silicone ones work fine too). But this one has special compartments for snacking on the go. It can also roll up and close while storing the snacks. My toddler loves to feed herself and have access to all her snacks around her neck. Saves me from having to feed her myself, so why not!
  10. Skip Hop Grab and GO Formula to Food Container Set >> When you need to stash snacks on the go, this thing is awesome and can fit anywhere a water bottle can go.
  11. ezpz Mini Mat – One-Piece Silicone placemat >> For at home feeding… helps keep from bowls falling on the ground
  12. Bumbo Floor Seat (don’t forget to also buy the tray) >> We loved this portable and easy little thing to feed our lil one. Easily wipes down after messes and great for when they are still learning to sit up (when you use it without the tray). There are other options out there, we just got this as a hand me down and found it so useful!
  13. Wooden High Chair for Babies and Toddlers – with Harness, Removable Tray, and Adjustable Legs >> We actually haven’t bought this one yet, but this is going to be way more useful in the long run because it can be used as a toddler booster chair at the dinner table. Love that it’s a convertible option. Plus we are big fans of items that can be wiped down easy (No throwing anything into the washer etc). We don’t understand why people buy the cloth kind of high chairs. Why would we want to wash stained fabric all the time?
  14. Inglesina Dining Table Chair Plus Tray, Black >> If you travel a lot, this is so nice to take on trips and not have to ask for high chair wherever you go. We’ve run into situations where a place doesn’t have any or they’re all being used. You can even opt to buy this and have it as your high chair at home if you wanted.
  15. Taro Bubble Tea Silicone Teether – loulou LOLLIPOP >> This brand is our fave for teethers because they have the cutest designs! Our daughter really loved them and had fun with them.
  16. Baby Banana – Yellow Banana Toothbrush, Training Teether Tooth Brush >> This is such a popular teether, and our lil one loved it!
  17. OXO Tot Training Fork & Spoon Set- Aqua- New Colors Available! >> A nice sturdy utensil option to stow away in the diaper bag!