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Feb 3

I’ve been waiting to share these images I took with film from my recent trip to Maui. There are some more, but I loved these film shots, so I wanted to share these separately. I really got to enjoy Maui and explore the island and I discovered cute lil spots and amazing views. Plus some photos of my beautiful friend, Angel who came along with me!

Nature and the beach have always been such beautiful things to me. I am at home when there is warm sand between my toes, fresh ocean breeze, and breath taking sunsets in my sights. Watching sunsets and gazing at the stars are things that have always been divine to me. Looking at the sky on Mount Haleakala makes the stars look magnified at night. Traveling just makes me feel so alive. I can’t get enough of it. I hope the rest of my life I can continue to explore new adventures and new places. As I like to say in these type of posts… “Dream big, travel far” … I will always have that in my heart. Here’s to the next traveling adventure!

  1. Laura Nelson says:

    beautiful! ;)

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