erin’s first birthday celebration // pasadena

Aug 28

This is one of the cutest birthday celebrations! It was a red balloon theme with a pretty pink touch to it. Grace did an absolutely amazing job with all the decorations and you can tell so much hard work and love was put into this lovely birthday for her daughter! It was so interesting to see the personalized tattoos for all the kiddies to accesorize, but I also spotted some adults taking advantage of the opportunity as well haha.

This dessert station was… pretty phenomenal too!! It was Erin’s first birthday and she definitely seems to have enjoyed that yummy smash cake. She didn’t want to let it go :) Not only does this little girl have one of the coolest names, but she knows how to enjoy sweets just like me too. Mmm! And who could forget that balloon guy! He made some of the neatest creations I’ve seen with balloons. He even had the adults wanting to get in on the fun! I secretly wanted one of my own. This traditional Korean 1st birthday wasn’t complete without Erin getting to dress up in that cute dress of hers. Check out these images to see which item she chose! I would be lying if I said I didn’t have my heart set on her choosing the camera ;-)  Enjoy some of my faves from the day…and  try not to have a sudden urge to eat a macaron <3

Hair + Makeup: Eugenia Chung // Photographer: Erin J .Saldana // Cakes: Sweet and Saucy // Cupcakes: Teresa Kwon at Joyful Spoon // Macaroons: Jennifer Chung (friend) // Location: Saladang Garden (formerly Saladang Song)  // Party Hats, Invites, // Yarn letters, Flowers: DIY // Cartoon Portrait (tattoo): Jordyluxe on Etsy // Balloon artist: Dave Bigelow at Balloon Artistry // Korean Dress- Mother/Daughter (Hanbok): Kimmehee // Mothers Dress: Mango //Daughter’s Dress: Zara kids

PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-01 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-02 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-03 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-04 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-05 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-06 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-07 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-08 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-09 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-10 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-11 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-12 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-13 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-14 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-15 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-16 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-17 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-18 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-19 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-20 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-21 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-22 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-23 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-24 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-25 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-26 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-27 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-28 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-29 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-30 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-31 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-32 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-33 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-34 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-35 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-36 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-37 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-38 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-39 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-40 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-41 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-42 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-43 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-44 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-45 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-46 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-47 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-48 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-49 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-50 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-51 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-52 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-53 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-54 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-55 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-56 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-57 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-58 PasadenaTraditionalKorean1stBirthday-59

  1. Ken says:

    These photos are SO AWESOME! I love them, esp the B&W ones! Thanks Erin!

    P.S. I was hoping she’d pick the camera too. Maybe if we put yours there, she would have picked it. ;)

  2. Grace says:

    thank you again!! =)

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