ellie’s 1st birthday celebration // pasadena

Sep 16

This lovely birthday features some awesome decor and one of the cutest lil one year olds. Ellie! She is adorable and sweet and loves holding her macarons :) This event was so much fun to photograph and a delight to see all the beautiful girlie accents and colors. Some absolute awesome vendors helped make this event a success! Picture Perfect Events did such a great job putting this together! And, Fleuretica rocked it with the custom handmade flower design for the “one” dessert backdrop, and the amazing floral arrangements on the tables. I was so excited when I found out I could take one of those beauties home with me! Don’t even get me started on the yummy dessert table and ice cream cart! Mmm.. I’m still thinking about my popsicle. If that wasn’t enough to entice your fun sensors, the bubble show was pretty neat to see!! I actually kinda wished I could be those children who got to have fun with the hoolahoop bubble! Fitting that the party favors were pretty little bottles of bubbles. For Ellie’s Traditional Korean Dol, scroll down to find out which object she chose! These are some of my favorite images. I really hope you enjoy them!

Event Planner + Design/Party Favors/Craft: Picture Perfect Events //  Florals, Decor, + Design: Fleuretica // Invites: Kelli Murray // Entertainment: Bubble Mania  // Cake + desserts: THE SCOOTABAKER  // Ice Cream Cart: Quenelle Spoon // Venue: Saladang Garden (formerly Saladang Song)Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-16 Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-17Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-18 Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-02Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-03Ellie_1st_Birthday-736_WEB Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-04Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-05Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-06Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-07Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-08Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-09Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-10Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-11Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-01 Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-12 Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-13 Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-14 Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-15 Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-19 Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-20 Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-21 Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-23 Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-24 Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-25 Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-26 Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-27 Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-28 Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-29 Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-30 Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-31 Pasadena1stBirthdayKoreanDolParty-22

  1. shiloh haia says:

    I absolutely love this! Do you happen to know where she got her bubbles from? Or where she ordered the bottles?

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