Feb 20

I know commonly the first thing to post after having your baby is a photo of the baby… but all throughout the process, I couldn’t help but constantly reflect on the person who was the constant support and helped bring our lil one into the world. I can’t always put into words all that well what he means to me. What I can do…is express it with the beat of my heart, the inflection of my voice, the embrace of hugs and cuddles, the googly eyes that I only have for him, the smile across my face, the tears in my eyes, and the volume of my laughter. This he knows. For him… his words to me are beyond meaningful and I cannot deny wanting to share this before basking in all the ever adorable images of our new life. I’m beyond grateful, blessed, and in awe of the man God has gifted me.

My husband, my love, my creative soul mate, my best friend in the whole wide world… I honor, admire, and respect you to no end and on our wedding day I couldnt quite fathom loving you any more than I already did. But I was wrong. Seeing you as a father has completely enhanced the depth of this love. I may have carried and birthed our lil girl, but you had every bit of an active and contributing part in the outcome. Today I stare at our daughter and with each day of recovery can’t help but be astonished at the newest level of love we have achieved. You are truly our superman. A solid rock of love and support. This past week has proved that more than I could imagine. Even now as I watch you squeeze in sleep, the only moments you may get tonight before you get right back up to take care of your girls… my heart just handle it. Which only brings me right back to our wedding day when we finally got to say our vows to each other. This video ????.  All I could think of since the moment our daughter was born were these words and how precious they were to me… but now they have taken on a whole new definition and comprehension. I love you. And your daughter already adores you too ❤

Video by Redeemed Productions

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