Jul 11

We’ve opened up a whole new chapter of life. This parent life. This amazingly sleep deprived yet oh so rewarding whirlwind of a life. This mom chapter that I have always thought about but never quite comprehended. And now I’m here. This tiny human that I cooked up in my belly for 38 weeks…all of the hours of cravings, aching, running, waddling, labor, pain, anticipation, and extra dose of determination to get through it all… I did it. By the grace of God. I. did. it. It’s still all very surreal. I love this tiny baby girl so much and enjoy every single moment with her. I now completely get the saying… “it’s like having your heart live outside of your body.” That’s exactly how it feels. So desperately trying to protect, love, and nurture this tiny yet so significant piece of my heart that now lives outside my body.

Learning how to balance family and work… being an entrepreneur and being a mom, it’s still a bit new. I started scheduling sessions and booking events again when she was about 2 months old… very gradually working up to more and more. 

I’ll be trying to get you all up to speed from the past 5 months or so. I have many photos yet to be seen, and lots of words to share. I even have a cloth diapering post ready for all those who were interested and had questions about that lil journey we ventured into with our little one. I’ll be sharing lots of tips and a whole list of our cloth diapering essentials. I did tons of research…. So, if you’re curious about cloth diapering, how to make it work, what goes into it, or feel overwhelmed on where to start your search for info… I’ve done a good amount of the work for you and I’m excited to share. I’ve created a cliff notes version for everyone who reached out and I’ve got it all mapped out just for you! Check back tomorrow :) 

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