easy holiday tissue paper craft

Dec 1

easy holiday tissue paper craft

We had so much fun with this easy holiday tissue paper craft. It was the perfect way to make some holiday window decorations. Just tissue paper, water, and glue! During these times, I have to constantly come up with activities to engage and excite my toddler. This sort of just came to me last minute and it was easy since I already had so much tissue paper stored away. Best part about it was that I had some beautiful tissue paper with gold foil, and it served as the perfect touch of sparkle as the Christmas tree lights.

You really only need 4 things:

  • tissue paper (various colors depending on what you are making). For us it was this christmas tree and an ice cream cone
  • scissors
  • a paint brush
  • water glue: 1:1 ratio, but I like to put more water than glue
easy holiday tissue paper craft
easy holiday tissue paper craft
easy holiday tissue paper craft


(for easy holiday tissue paper craft)

  1. To make it easier to guide your kiddo, you can put some painters tape up on the window of the shape you will be making. Once you’re done, you can remove it for your big reveal.
  2. Cut up tissue paper into squares / rectangles. It really doesn’t matter if they’re unevenly shaped. You can even do triangles if you want.
  3. Using the paint brush, spread a bit of the water glue where you want to place the tissue paper square, and layer over it with some more glue. We like to make sure the tissue paper is nice and soaked.
  4. Encourage layering of the tissue paper squares and let them observe what happens. Whether it is mixing colors, or making a color less transparent. We used different colors to make “ornaments”, and a star first, then layered the green tissue paper squares around it.
  5. *Optional* add gold foil tissue paper as the final touch to make some christmas tree lights.
  6. Remove your painters tape guide, and enjoy

*If you happen to have lots of white tissue paper, you can put “snow” all over your windows too. My girl really loved doing that because there were no restrictions or guidelines to follow. She just had a blast placing them wherever she wanted. We also had fun making an ice cream cone.. feel free to use your imagination and make whatever you like!

To remove, you can use a wet sponge and wipe away, followed up with a nice windex scrub.

(Valentines is approaching, so feel free to check out this post about the cute activities you can do for your toddler)

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