fave baby splurge items

Dec 22

I’ve become a mama to two lovely little girls and I’ve definitely learned a lot about what items I loved and needed to have. For the 2nd child, I let myself splurge on the items I thought could make my life easier. I was hoping they were ones that would let me do it in style too. After having the first child, I felt like my identity as a mama was more fully formed. Aesthetically, I know what I like and what I don’t like and I’ve become so immersed in the mama world that I am more aware of whats available and current. I decided to share the items that I was pleasantly surprised by and that overall made it fun to be a mom. These are SPLURGES, meaning… well… they’re not the cheapest, and certainly you could find an

alternative that is more simple.But, I absolutely loved these, and considered them investments… items that were of high quality and likely to last me a while. So, here they are… my top fave baby splurge items. The items I could probably get by and survive without, but that I really wouldn’t want to. They are the items that best express my mama style too.

fave baby splurge items

fave baby splurge items
  1. Elvie Pump – Double Electric Breast Pump >> These lil portable powerhouse pumps changed the game for me. I used to dread pumping and cleaning parts. I didn’t realize how much I hated being hooked up to the tubes and cords. After working a lot with my first child, I really wish I had these back then. It would’ve made my life easier and more seamless to bring home and store my pumped milk. I highly suggest purchasing this from target because you can return them if you decide they just don’t work out for you. You should also put it on your registry and use the 15% off completion discount to save a little money!
  2. Malaika Bassinet by Design Dua >> Oh how I wish I would’ve had this beautiful creation for my first child. It is the most stunningly made bassinet and its so convenient to move around the house. I decided on this one because I loved that it didn’t look too much like a bassinet and could be used as a storage basket (for stuffed animals etc.) after the baby outgrew it. I also love the rocking stand from them as well. Pair it along with the Malaika Changing Basket and you’re all set. I LOVE all three of these items together. Well made, sturdy, and just so beautiful in the nursery. (*Hopefully you catch it when it isn’t sold out!*)
  3. Sakura Bloom – Onbuhimo (Basics Linen) >> Wow. We have an Ergo 360… which is all fine and good for my husband. But i found that it was bulky for me and the hanging straps always got tangled around things when I was especially tied up with the baby and moving around. It would get caught in the stroller wheels and because I’m so petite, there was so much extra strap hanging. This beautifully made carrier is so clean and modern looking. No extra straps getting in my way, baby loves being in it, and overall I feel proud to wear it out. I can put baby on my back or in front! I personally love the Flax Basic Linen… but theyre ALL stunning.
  4. Padded Midi+ by Gathre >> I bought this item after searching everywhere for rugs. I wanted the girls to have a comfy spot to just plop onto the ground and play, read, or tumble around comfortably. I decided on this padded mat in a beautiful Fog color, and it has become one of my favorite purchases. SO much better than any rug…and SO much easier to keep clean. It wipes clean and its easy to sweep away debris. It’s also so comfy to lay on for me and the girls together. Bonus points for looking extra lovely in their room! Click here for $20 off coupon!
  5. Midi+ Double Sided Mat by Gathre >> So… I have a confession to make. I have A LOT of Gathre mats. I have one to use a changing mat, the mini for messy activities around the house, the padded one for their room, and this one… which I use as a picnic blanket at the park or anywhere really. I’ve seen people use it as a table cloth, but I have yet to try. I also use the micro as table place mats… and I have some home mats on their way right now >.< After the first one I bought… I just became addicted to how easy it was to use and clean. I love things that can be wiped clean quickly and don’t require having to put into the washing machine. When we go out on picnics, we drop food and just like that… I can wipe away any saucy mess. Their colors are amazing… and the prints are so adorable! Click here for $20 off coupon!
  6. Lovevery Play Kits >> I really wish I could have bought these sooner for my 1st born. Instead I bought them for her a little late and she still loved to play with them. Now I have them ready for the 2nd baby as she grows. I used to be a Montessori pre school teacher way back when… and so these items make it easy (especially during the pandemic) to home school your preschool aged child. They also share so many resources to help along the way. These toys are made of high quality craftsmanship and get rid of all the yucky obnoxiously designed plastic toys you usually see. These toys are the definition of purposeful play. Each kit even comes with a guide to help you introduce each toy to your child and ideas of how to play with them.
  7. Babyletto Kiwi Glider & Electronic Recliner with USB Charging Port >> This item was a life saver… in a very literal sense. I had a very traumatic delivery this go around… and this chair helped my recover more comfortably and helped me sleep without worrying about how I was going to get up. When you have an emergency C-section… sitting up on your own just isnt the same anymore. Also… the recliner we had before this one was SO loud and clunky… that we couldn’t use the recline feature as much as we’d like for fear of waking up the baby. This one reclines so much quieter and the USB port was just an added perk to keep my phone charged. I slept in this chair for a good 2 months… maybe more. So glad we decided to splurge on this item… and we don’t ever have to worry about waking the baby when we recline!
  8. Kinney Backpack / Diaper Bag in Sand >> We went through at least a few diaper bags since the first child was born. The affordable ones you see on amazon. They got beat up mostly from daily wear and tear, but we also had to get rid of them because of basic storage needs changing too. I decided if I was going to have 2 little girls… I wanted a bag that could stand the test of time… and look good too. I looked at a lot of brands including Azaria and settled on this one because of the color and the pockets. I love how it can be used as a backpack or a sling over the shoulders. My husband prefers to use the sling option. It’s made with quality and has yet to show any wear and tear… bonus is that its vegan leather and SO easy to wipe clean. They used to have a diaper clutch in a similar color, but I missed out. We also have a throw around diaper bag for when we are going somewhere active and don’t want to worry about damaging this one. We usually take that one on hikes.
  9. Baby Bumco Crossbody Diaper Clutch Bag -Vegan Leather >> I was constantly searching for a portable grab and go diaper clutch that wasn’t ugly… but also felt perfect to pack all that we needed. This one came with a built in wipe pouch, and fits just enough diapers for an impromptu potty run. Now if me or my husband needs to take one of them to get changed or potty, we don’t take the entire diaper bag… we just grab this thing! And if I’m taking both kids… this saves me so much stress and juggling.
  10. Itzy Ritzy Travel Wipes Case >> I’ll be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what this was when I bought it. I think I thought it had a built in wipe plastic case. Instead its a cover for your store bought wipes in the plastic package. I love it because it makes it easy to shove into the diaper bag and well its nice looking. I can grab a wipe package when i’m in a hurry and put it in this and I’m ready to go. Is it necessary? No… but do I love it? Yes!

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