Feb 25

Alright everyone…there’s no hiding that it will be my very first WPPI experience this March. It’s fast approaching my time to drive into Las Vegas for WPPI 2010. I posted on the Pictage forums to get some advice as to what expect. And, Pictage certainly delivered some answers! (Part of the reason why I love them so much!)

So, here are my questions featured on the Pictage Blog, that Skip Cohen was so gracious enough to answer for me and all the other WPPI newbie attendees! Thank Skip!

I’m pretty sure I’m going to be like a little kid in a candy store…who has a habit of getting way too many cavities..

Leave a comment, if you read something you like! :)

  1. Kenny Kim says:

    Hello Erin!
    My name is Kenny KIm – I read your interview with Skip Cohen. Congrats on being featured on Pictage Blog. It was only 3 years ago I attended WPPI for the first time as well. You will have a blast and glad you made the choice to go. Hope to see you there! Ciao ciao! (I’m in Italia right now).

  2. Thanks Erin for your interview/post! I’m going to be a first time WPPI attendee this year and it’s helpful to have some insights from seasoned photographers like Skip… hope to see you there!

  3. erinjsaldana says:

    That’s wonderful! I’m glad the post helped, because it really helped me as well! I hope to see you there at WPPI :)

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