Mar 8

So, my day is no where near over. But, I thought I’d take some time to update some blog love with a few photos from last night.  I had fun partying with the Pictage crew and enjoyed meeting tons of new folks.

My day has been spectacular to say the least. So many wonderful speakers, and the trade show….my goodness.  I hadn’t even finished browsing the first tradeshow floor when someone mentioned there was a SECOND ballroom. AH.

Anywhoo….here are some pics! Of course it was lots of fun being ridiculous in the GO BEE photobooth :)


I fell in LOVE with these sunglasses. Took some with Heather and Shawn Reeder with them too…I can show you those later haha

I love Emily in that bottom right frame!

  1. Omar says:

    you look different…
    haha you’re funny

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