new york city engagement // dana & anthony

Feb 2


I love love traveling… the cherry on top? traveling to do my job. and the extra sprinkles and hot fudge?? Getting to also visit some amazing people. Dana and Anthony are some of the sweetest people AND they have such fun personalities. You can tell by these images that they enjoy each other’s company, sense of humor, and loving embrace. We weathered the coldest of cold as we ventured out into the New York City breeze.

For their engagement session, we tackled Highline Park and surrounding areas.  Anthony made Dana laugh in almost every scene we walked into.

They met in and fell in love this wonderful city by chance (or was it?) and I couldn’t be happier that they found each other. They fit so nicely… like a Shack Burger & Shack Shake… with an order of fries. mmm mm Delightful. They make me wish I lived in New York City…

this heart surrounds the area in which the story all began <3

  1. Alyss T. says:

    “like a Shack Burger & Shack Shake… with an order of fries. mmm mm Delightful.”

    tehee..Erin! I always love you’re blogs. That made me giggle. :) Beautiful photos as always. I especially enjoyed the chest bumps hah. <3

  2. kristin says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! what a special, fun couple they are! and what an amazing photographer you are Erin!! great work! had fun looking these! ;o)

  3. Ron & Pearl Alexander says:

    These two people are soooo made for each other!! I can see the love in their eyes and just there being!Wow, so lucky to have found each other!!
    Good luck with your marriage and life!
    Ron & Pearl Alexander
    (friend of Anthony’s mom)

  4. Sue Tomasko says:

    What fun photos! :)

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