dream BIG, travel FAR

Feb 26

…that’s my motto. Or at least one of em…

If you had told me when I was 10 that I was going to be traveling across the world to various places as a part of my job, I would’ve looked at your with wide yes and the biggest smile on my face as I squeaked with joy. All my life, all I’ve ever wanted to do was travel the world and be inspired and experience other cultures. I’ve been very blessed to travel for work and meet some of the most amazing people– some who have become not just some pretty awesome clients, but also friends. I’ve encountered some beautiful scenery, and I’ve encountered some unexpected adventures. I’ve walked aimlessly (what was supposed to be only a 5 minute walk) for hours looking for locations…in my heels… and (very happily…) come to the conclusion that I am lost. I took off those heels after about the first 45 minutes … very unhappily. I’ve run into complete strangers at the airport only to find out that it certainly is a small world. I’ve had  fun times with some of the sweetest Australians, and picked up subtle accents along the way. This small town girl-at heart tackled the big city streets and its confusing (at first) transportation systems… and gotten lost yet again. All of it very fun and with people that I am happy to have spent the time with.

So…this is sort of a “catch up” blog post. While in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and work, I have found some time to gather images from some recent travels. Usually when I travel, I focus mainly on the work that needs to be done, so not many other photos are taken. But, I found just a lil bit of extra time to be a tourist and take these! Here’s to continuing to dream BIG, and travel FAR in 2012.



  1. Mike Duker says:

    Awesome photos! I’m sure this is only the beginning of your world travels for work.

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