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*Updated! After having my 2nd lil one now for 10 months… during a pandemic… I have updated this list to the items that have sustained us.* When it’s not your first rodeo, you’ve already evaluated what items you thought were essential and what items were really unnecessary. But, that’s all relative depending on who you […]

top fave nursing essentials

Jan 4

A very special peony floral garden inspired 1st birthday for this precious little girl who stole my heart the day she was born. I had so much fun designing this event! I actually used my ipad pro to create almost every part of the design. I first created the invite and then modeled the rest […]

peony floral garden 1st birthday

Dec 16

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This lil lady’s birthday is in two days! We love to celebrate Valentine’s with her because it has such a special place in our hearts. I planned out some fun valentine toddler activities for her that were just one dollar… mostly items from dollar tree or the bullseye section at Target. Really simple Montessori type […]

Valentines Day activities for toddlers

Feb 14

After giving birth to our precious baby girl, I felt like I entered this crazy cool club where us mamas have each other’s backs. It’s nice knowing there are people who relate and even care, and especially great to try and give back. If it weren’t for all the moms who blogged their experience and tips, […]

motherhood // cloth diapering crash course

Feb 8

Modern Cloth Diapering Crash Course
Modern Cloth Diapering Crash Course

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We’ve opened up a whole new chapter of life. This parent life. This amazingly sleep deprived yet oh so rewarding whirlwind of a life. This mom chapter that I have always thought about but never quite comprehended. And now I’m here. This tiny human that I cooked up in my belly for 38 weeks…all of […]


Jul 11

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